Sunday, June 15, 2014


I just leap'd out of bed, composed this song and recorded it. Good morning!


This One Goes Out to All the Sexual Predators Out There, and to the People Who Love Them, and to Everyone Else as Well

Consent is not the absence of a NO it’s the presence of a YES
Preying on the weak and the vulnerable is a coward’s favorite quest
If we’re afraid to talk about it we sink deeper in the mess
Consent is not the absence of a NO it’s the presence of a YES

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Patchwork Practice

Some supplemental images of my Priest/ess activites on Lopez Island this spring…

Collaborating on an Exquisite (Corpse) Tarot deck under the guidance of my strange hoodoo maverick magician artist friend/mentor, Dr. Crowmeat. He also has been teaching me some unorthodox Tibetan practices as we pray for our friend's soul passing through the bardo.
"This needs more stickers."

CAYA Coven has been producing a series of educational video panel discussions on the subject of sexual predation in the Pagan communities which will probably be released this summer. I have been honored to be invited to participate in this project.

Here is my computer, set up for the recording, with a book I thought might be helpful for the first topic; "Preventing Sexual Predation." In my experience with groups, healthy and effective communication practices are the foundation of cultivating safety and trust.
I am so proud of my coven's good service!

This final image is of the altar I prepared for the Dark Moon practice honoring Hermes and Hekate. I performed the rites simultaneously with the main group meeting in Oakland at The Sacred Well.

Offerings of a special incense and fine wine for Hekate, copal and wheat beer for Hermes. I had misplaced the Fig Newtons, so I frantically searched the cupboards and found a snack bar made out of figs! What luck! And what would I use to represent Hekate? I found a large key-shaped object near the door. What blessings! I opened all of the windows and doors in the little cabin so the wind could whip through the dimly-lit rooms. I think Hekate was pleased by that.

For the Tarot reading, I pulled the Ace of Swords from The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot. The interpretation that resonated with me was, "Upholding Divine Authority." At the end of the ritual, I carried all of the offerings outside to a special Fir tree and gave the food and drink to the Earth. Sitting in the darkening forest with my two cats prowling around, I let the whirling energies steep deeply into my being. It felt wonderful.

Io Herm! Hail Hekate!