Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bee-lated 2014 Recap, Pt. 1!

Yoni yoni, burning bright! A magickal campfire moment.
 Sometimes I wish I were one of those people who could just post little bitty blog posts. Since I can't keep it brief, this one will be published in several chunks!

So, what has been going on in my witchy wanderings and ponderings—in between the sleepy recording of The Consent Song in June and that first batch of Pagan Pancakes in October?

As I have been dwelling 900 crow-flying miles away from the coven for and with which I serve, it seemed to me that a regular update of my Pagan practices and Public Priest/essing services would be a way of "showing my work" during my Ordination Service year. Since the only part of that intention I slacked off on was the actual blogging about it all (other than my Instagram posts), here is a slew of images and memories from the past 6 months that feel are the most significant, enlightening, reverent, and beneficial offerings to the Divine.

Summer in the San Juan Islands is a time for campfires, and camping out, and romping with my two fairy goddess-daughters and their families. I finally had the opportunity to send the kids to the camp I love so much, and we welcomed them back with a hootenanny at Heartland. While Hazel and Calliope were staying at my place, they met the two Furbies that have resided here for years. Playing matchmakers, the kids catalyzed a whirlwind romance led to the inevitable wedding. Days of rehearsal and elaborate preparations, including a kombucha gelatin reception with Hawaiian music, culminated in the ceremony and the honeymoon. I was honored to be the official photographer.
"Yummmm yummmmm." Ajay and Koko's wedding day, July 9.

At the end of July, I returned to San Francisco for a couple of weeks to get some in-person time with my covenmates at the Lugh Games and the Festival of Heart and Harvest, hosted by our Cauldron of the Celts group. We feasted and toasted and boasted around an enormous picnic table in Berkeley. On that trip, I was also blessed to participate in Sam Webster's Dark Moon offerings to Hermes and Hekate. I feel happy and welcome in that community, which seems like kin to CAYA Coven, and in many ways, we are—there is much overlapping in attendance of one another's rituals and gatherings.

My fancy birthday cake by Molly S-S.
Back on Lopez, it seems like at least once a week I have an online video date with folks from CAYA Coven. It may be a service track meeting, or a ritual planning committee, or a High Council meeting, or the monthly Distance Aspirants meeting. At the very minimal, there is Yeshe Rabbit's Tea and Chanting Sangha Online, which has become yet another spiritual community with which I feel a connection.

I will post this first part now, and continue with the rest soon!