Tuesday, September 15, 2015

As the light and dark find balance…

It's been awhile since I've updated my progress in training to serve as a High Priestx within CAYA Coven. For those who may not have known—my father crossed over into the Great Mystery in June, and in the process of cleaning out his place in Lawrence, I found clues that led to me finally meeting my long-lost-and-was-he-really-real? brother, Adam. His profound eulogy to our father, illustrated by my photos, shows the magickal connection we have, as our stories begin to weave together. Seriously, you gotta read it. The guy can write!

My brother and I, cheerfully meeting for the first time at Mountain View cemetery in Oakland. I love him!

Yesterday was our father's birthday, and as my brother is teaching halfway across the world, and I cannot share with him the delicious cheesecake that I made, I wanted to share that bit of our story with you. Anyway, here's a picture of the cheesecake:

TWINS CHEESE CAKE: my mother's best recipe ever

And here is the latest report in my Advanced Wildflower training:

Dark Moon Practice: The practice continues to adapt and adjust to changes on all levels. I was kept at the gate for a very long time before being admitted into the garden. Then I felt tightness at my wrists, and realized snakes had wrapped themselves around my arms, and throughout the journey more and more snakes came to me, slithering around my body and entwining in my hair. It felt powerful. I felt powerful. I sat on my central throne before going to the Ancestor tree, and when I entered the sanctum of the tree, I saw the shadowy figures of my Ancestors along the edges of the light, which I had never seen before—only felt and heard. The pace was very slow and reverent and I saw many more details than ever before. I am coming to know my Place of Power more intimately, letting myself observe and absorb the nuances. I feel like a frightened creature who has finally settled down enough to Pay Attention.
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